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the original black cultures of eastern europe and asia - is this worth reading is it true on the matter of credibility on first reading readers of these pages generally feel amazement the concept of blacks being the original settlers and builders of the first civilizations everywhere including europe is particularly unsettling to them, europa soberana the new racial classification i - note this article has been translated from th e original spanish version which was first published on july 28 th 2009 there is also a polish translation we re interested in having it translated also to russian german french and other languages contributions are welcomed in the inbox of europa soberana a hotmail com some data of this article are outdated and are yet to be uptated, venus figures from the stone age don s maps - back to don s maps back to venus figures from the stone age venus figures from the stone age arranged alphabetically this is the complete list venus figurines is an umbrella term for a number of prehistoric statuettes of humans sharing common attributes many of the females being depicted as apparently obese or pregnant found from western europe to siberia, new page 1 www echoesofenoch com - but as the days of noah were so shall also the coming of the son of man be matt 24 37 history repeats itself the above statement made by jesus was a warning not only of the suddenness of his return but also of the events that would lead to his return, history of europe wikipedia - the first well known literate civilization in europe was that of the minoans the minoan civilization was a bronze age civilization that arose on the island of crete and flourished from approximately the 27th century bc to the 15th century bc it was rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century through the work of the british archaeologist arthur evans, packet 1 prehistoric cave art evergreen art discovery - mantra multi mantra column width 1 4 mantra column mantra column width 1 2 mantra column mantra column width 1 4 mantra column, 7 homo species close to present human that existed on the - the earth has a 4 6 billion year history however archaic homo sapiens modern humans evolved between 400 000 and 250 000 years ago humans evolved from the family hominid great apes that existed on earth around 20 million years ago unlike today there were different human species that existed on earth, beast men of the hyborian era conan characters - gan torr gan torr was a giant member of the beast men he appeared to be about 8 10 tall and likely had superhuman strength zha gorr referred to him as their wayward comrade, pdf unraveling the single tangible secret in all - academia edu is a platform for academics to share research papers, saturnian cosmology chapter 31 the olmec record of the past - recovering the lost world a saturnian cosmology jno cook chapter 31 the olmec record of the past, haplogroup r supposedly the white peoples genetics - a quick explanation of how genetic type is passed down through generations europeans are dravidian albinos from central asia that is why they and the black dravidians share the same dna they invaded europe twice the first time was about 1 200 b c, biological differences between the races the unpopular truth - education doesn t mean intelligence this is garbage research with typical cum post hoc ergo propter hoc bullshit conclusions brain size is meaningless the cro magnon had a larger frontal lobes than the modern man, anomalous mitochondrial dna lineages in the cherokee - anomalous mitochondrial dna lineages in the cherokee phase i and phase ii donald n yates dna consultants published in cherokee dna studies real people who proved the geneticists wrong by donald n yates and teresa a yates phoenix panther s lodge publishers 2014, american history timeline andrew roberts web site - 17 000 years ago is 15 000bc the paleo indian period spans from approximately 15 000bc to the end of the pleistocene ice age about 7 000bc belize institute of archaeology, when does gen x end and gen y begin genpink - love your blog i was trying to explain this exact thing to my grandchildren yesterday i told them they were gen y but that when they got older they could re invent who they were and re name their generation, raw art by kelly moore - santa fe art renegade kelly moore is one of the most original creators of folk art in the united states his work has at times been referred to as outsider art art brut and folk art he is self taught and originally from the ozarks of arkansas, in the beginning was the command line inria - in the beginning was the command line by neal stephenson http www cryptonomicon com beginning html about twenty years ago jobs and wozniak the founders of, bdsm library torture the widow - torture the widow chapter 1 choke on it please take note adults only literature the text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only, the planet kolob top 10 craziest mormon beliefs - the planet kolob and the song about it kolob is a star or planet described in mormon scripture reference to kolob is found in the book of abraham a work published by latter day saint lds prophet joseph smith jr according to this work kolob is the heavenly body nearest to the throne or residence of god while the book of abraham refers to kolob as a star it also refers to planets, blindsight by peter watts echopraxia - prologue try to touch the past try to deal with the past it s not real it s just a dream ted bundy it didn t start out here not with the scramblers or rorschach not with big ben or theseus or the vampires most people would say it started with the fireflies but they d be wrong