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galatians 2 commentary precept austin - below is charles ryrie s proposed timeline of events from ryrie study bible as they relate to the letter to the galatians ryrie comments if the letter was written to christians in south galatia the churches were founded on the first missionary journey the letter was written after the end of the journey probably from antioch ca a d 49 making it the earliest of paul s epistles and, bible truth free sermons page biblical messages baptist - bible truth sermons page messages prepared by missionary church planter cooper abrams planting independent baptist churches kjv in utah since 1986 my testimony and work for audio messages click here, justification the catholic church and the judaizers in st - steve hays has claimed that what i recently said about justification is at odds with what robert sungenis has said about justification but in fact there is no contradiction between what i have said and what robert has said on this subject what makes this difficult to understand from a