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the treatment of brewery wastewater for reuse state of - brewery wastewater typically has a high chemical oxygen demand cod from all the organic components sugars soluble starch ethanol volatile fatty acids etc it usually has temperatures ranging from 25 c to 38 c but occasionally reaching much higher temperatures the ph levels can range between 2 and 12 and are influenced by the amount and type of chemicals used in cleaning and, hydrogen production by alkaline water electrolysis scielo - introduction hydrogen as an energy carrier has become increasingly important mainly in the last two decades it owes its popularity to the increase in the energy costs caused by the uncertainty in the future availability of oil reserves 1 and also to the concerns about global warming and climate changes which are blamed on manmade carbon dioxide emissions associated with fossil fuel use, municipal waste management systems for domestic use - every year the average citizen of a developed country produces about half a tonne of waste thus waste management is an essential industry old waste management systems based on the collection of mixed sorted waste and transporting it a long way to disposal sites has a significant negative impact on the environment and humans