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la salle college high school athletic - pre 7th math courses math course 7 1 this course is designed for students that have taken a pre algebra course this course is appropriate for honors level students course topics integers order of operations evaluating expressions solving equations coordinate plane and graphing exponents polynomials prerequisites completion of a pre algebra course, how many solar panels and batteries for your off power - 195 responses to how many solar panels batteries do you need for your off grid system, insurance a tax on people who are bad at math - thanks laura the term life insurance for the kids really depends for a family with two parents around the chance of both parents dying simultaneously is even lower than the chance of one dying, stupid easy portable solar panels for rv off grid - want to learn how to get started with portable solar panels for rv off grid boondocking or even camping we ve been living off the grid full time in an rv for over a year now and we thought we d share what we know to help you with your solar power needs, logic what is the optimal algorithm for the game 2048 - nitish712 by the way your algorithm is greedy since you have choose the move with large number of merges which quickly lead to local optima khaled k mar 12 14 at 12 45, the most important sat critical reading tip - the biggest thing you can do to improve your sat critical reading score is to focus on the main idea of the passage if you re having trouble with the critical reading passages you re probably getting stuck on the details and missing the main idea most of the questions even if they re about specific details relate back to the main idea in some way, our rv modifications and technology gone with the wynns - i bought the renogy 1200 watt cabin kit then i bought two lithium born batteries and i would like to have two more inverter charger is victron 3000 k, scalable performance oscilloscopes dpo70000sx series - dpo77002sx vs other vendor s 63 ghz model baseline noise of fs vs mv fs setting with trace centered at 60 ghz bw maximum sample rate setting 200 gs s or 160 gs s jnf performance an all new master sample clock design which provides the remarkably low sample clock jitter of 65fs rms combined with the very low noise performance achieved with ati allows the dpo77002sx to reach new, navy nupoc program nupoc program faqs and best practices - thomas you have 3 separate portions of your pay while in the nupoc program 1 base pay 2 bah housing allowance and 3 bas subsistence food allowance, how to calculate muffler size and exhaust pipe diameter - buz the size of your exhaust system pipes should be matched to the power of your engine so if you have an engine that generates less than 100hp the proper single exhaust tube size is 1 3 4, math problems info hundreds of math puzzles and answers - challenging word problems spanning basic math to differential equations, hsa the ultimate retirement account mad fientist - the ultimate retirement account isn t technically a retirement account if used wisely though it could be one of the best places to put your money when saving for early retirement so what is it it s a health savings account hsa an hsa is a tax advantaged savings account available for, nwavguy headphone impedance explained - see my answers to your comment in the other impedance article i m not aware of many high impedance headphone cables with series resistance added, sam s laser faq diode laser power supplies - back to diode laser power supplies sub table of contents testing laser diode driver circuits sam s laser diode test supply 1 this is a basic power supply using a pair ic regulators to provide a variable voltage with adjustable current limit, the only reasons to ever contribute to a roth ira - there is no better free online tool that has helped me stay on top of my finances more than personal capital it s important to aggregate all your accounts to get an entire overview of your net worth to make proper changes, read first tom s hw watercooling sticky v2 0 - tdp calculating delta t when it comes to figuring out how much radiator you need for your specific loop you have to start doing some math i know that we all have been building a loop and thought how many what size and what kind of radiators do i need for this loop to stay cool like i want, the betterment experiment results - hi neil great question both betterment and vanguard report your account value after all fees so my graphs will always reflect the real take home value of each investment, typography essays and research papers studymode com - clarendon is a classical font that was designed by robert besley in 1842 besley entered the design under britain s ornamental designs act, affordable rent calculator my first apartment - description of the my first apartment s affordable rent calculator 1 the above easy to use calculator uses the formulas from this post for calculating your maximum affordable rent note if you are paid hourly you should also check our post how much rent can i afford on my hourly pay if you have a fixed salary the calculation is pre tax annual salary divided by 40, bulletin board natural building blog - this is an opportunity for visitors to post their own bulletin board announcements on the earthbag building blog the way to do this is simply to post your announcement as a comment to this page so that others might browse these announcements, how much should you budget for utilities my first apartment - cable internet phone approximately 100 be sure to call up your cable company and ask if they have any specials they usually do and you ll get the best new customer deal by calling up and sweet talking the sales associate at the other end, our gas rv mpg fleetwood bounder with ford v10 - if you ve found this article while looking for a fuel efficient rv or motorhome your search may sadly end here i hate to say it but the rv industry hasn t been forced by the consumer or the government to design class a motorhomes that get a miles per gallon that one can be proud to share