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war and conflict in africa paul d williams - war and conflict in africa is a fantastic resource for all those who want to learn about the causes consequences and solutions to african conflicts, second congo war wikipedia - the second congo war also known as the great war of africa or the great african war and sometimes referred to as the african world war began in the democratic republic of the congo in august 1998 little more than a year after the first congo war and involved some of the same issues the war officially ended in july 2003 when the transitional government of the democratic republic of the, remembering eritrea ethiopia border war africa s - two decades have passed since two of africa s poorest countries began the continent s deadliest border war the conflict between eritrea and ethiopia left tens of thousands dead or injured in the, war conflict news around the world the latest from al - get today s live news on war conflict around the world current events photos infographics and al jazeera s exclusive stories from eyewitnesses, conflicts in africa global issues - 14 articles on conflicts in africa and 1 related issue conflicts in africa introduction last updated wednesday may 12 2010 there have been over 9 million refugees and internally displaced people from conflicts in africa, conflict between ethiopia and eritrea global issues - africa in general has suffered from artificial borders drawn by former imperial and colonial rulers akin to what is usually attributed to imperial britain as the divide and conquer policy but practiced by almost all power brokers throughout history ancient and modern a combination of italy drawing the maps in this region and later cold war support for dictators has been part of the, kargil war 1999 real facts about kargil conflict - kargil war 1999 by lt col rashid zia cheema r 2nd ssc this is a very brief account of kargil conflict also called kargil war of 1999 it is meant for those readers who are totally unaware about the broad details of this operation